First Track On Renoise 2.8

Only spent a couple of hours composing this, playing with new features and getting used to the GUI changes. Track grouping is ACE!

Renoise 2.8 B6


Digging the new Xerxes sound :)

Hehe VP :) Its actually really old Xerxes sound… fun to revisit every now and then! How you doing? Are you on Soundcloud?

I’m great, thanks! How about you? Anything news from the music-front (except this track :lol: )?

Yes, we (EE) are active on SoundCloud. Link:

I also have my personal page up:

All good here too mate, thanks :) And thank you for the links! Now I have some nice listening to do after work today! Not much new, going to release a new 5 track EP soon… working on the last track in Renoise as we speak. All other stuff is as usual on my website


Its great for most of the part, but there is one part I really did not like.
The silence.

When it ended.

Its great and too short!

Hehehe, thanks mate! :) Well, I am all for long songs - but for a fun oldskooler type track like this, I think it should be short and to the point :)