First Track with Renoise

Ive half Finish a Track with Renoise and three vstis, kairatune, Helm and t Force from mastrcode. I know, the Beat is to strong and the bassline is not the best now but i want your opinion :slight_smile:

It needs polishing but its core is very good. i love the melody from 0:46 it reminds me night city and this is why i dont find the bird sound very fitting in. End of my review :slight_smile:

Thx very much! I have a background with a Indianer and a eagle on his arm. I stare in it still Playing my track in Loop. So i searched for samples of eagles I Polish it on the Weekend

Its Little bot polished and the eagle sound is deleted :slight_smile:

Very nice for a first track. Some nice little details there, like the pause in the beat and the way the lead sound fades in before the second drop.

Thank you. I think to Build in some shakers and other things to fill the Track, i try it and Heat, that in my opinion this Track is good without this details:)