First Tracker Tune In Yeeeeeears

Loving Renoise big time. I feel like I’ve forgotten everything about the mighty FT2 and Protracker and am having to re-learn it all.

First tune in about 10 years. Its basic at the minute but I only started it last night. I wanted to see how resampling a few of my synths would work out in a workflow for making a track. Worked out pretty well I reckon. Still a few issues with levels etc but nothing that I can’t polish out when its done.

All feedback appreciated!


Nice one. If you started yesterday then this is really amazing. I would need months for this :)

Good start!

neat ! it reminds of some stuff from “stakka & skynet” (and that’s quite a compliment)

Cheers folks. No pressure not to screw up the rest of it then! :o

Done as much as I can on that one. I guess thats finished then ;)
I think I did alright. Took about 5 hours total since last night including sampling and figuring out how to render midi to audio in renoise.
If I could spend more time on it, I think I’d tidy the beats EQ up a bit as its not as choppy as the earlier version.
Ah well, gotta say they’re done at some point.

Any feedback welcome :)

Bed time.

Nice track. I hope this means a return to the love of tracking and we can hope to see much more bits and pieces coming from your way ;)

very cool for a first one ;)

I never lost the love for it, things like College, Uni got in the way. I never really got along with Logic Pro etc either when I tried to get back in to tunes.

Let’s hope I get the time to put in and make some new tunes, or remix some of my old mod/xms!

Thanks for the comments :)