First trance track of mine

Here we go:

It would be great if some trance musicians around here commented to give me feedback and tips how to improve.
Overall I really enjoyed making this, trance is really such a wonderful genre…


It was nice to see that you had various parts and seems like you have put many hours into this.
1:50 had nice spicy lead, too bad that you took it off so fast :(

But daaaym thats loud, you need to mix and master that song. To me the bass parts are almost unaudible, because the highend covers everything underneath.
Check some books or tutorials on mixing & mastering and keep making music !

Yeah, I know the bass has no depth with the other instruments, I tried to create space for it but I wasn’t that succesful, the bass alone sounds powerful enough, maybe that’s because it has a fat mid range but the main lead occupy the same area…
Anyway it took only like 10 hours and I made it almost in one day (well the percussion and bass sounds I created the day before)It’s a record time for me!
Thanks for your feedback :)