First Try On 1.5


here my first use of version 1.5 (song is really beta ).

Thanks to the Renoise Team 4 this masterpiece of Trackersoftware.

cu abrexxes

As a base for something wider, it sounds okay.
Your chordlines do not switch seemlessly from one to another though, a tad bit of a volume envelope could be used.
And maybe a little delay on the lead.
But that’s just my perception.

Little Delay is on master, but i ve forgotten to enable it for recording.

Thanks for your perception.

I agree with Vvoois: the song needs to “open” in some way. A triangle-shaped lead would make the perfect solo on this

simple yet beautiful. i think sometimes people forget the elegance that can come from simplicity. i really like the warmth of this track. please keep working on it. i think the lead sounds fine, although it’s panned pretty far to the right, i would centralize it more. as far as mixing i would give the kick more kick, and maybe change the handclap to a snare (handclap just sounds pretty cheesy in this context)

i seriously like this a lot. please post the finished version whenever it’s done