First Tune!!

What’s up guys… just a WIP i’ve been working on a while. It’s more or less the first track I’ve ever produced enough to want to show it to other people, so I’m under no illusions it’s good, and I know the levels are very much off in places, as i’m producing through a mixture of headphones and semi-decent desktop speakers… but monitors are definitely on the horizon!

so any feedback would be welcome. don’t be afraid to be harsh, i’m pretty harsh on it myself, but I feel like I need to close a curtain on it for now and work on other stuff.

well, i think for the first track it’s a good start.

i personally would have changed up the hats a little bit, made them more playful and stayed closer to the basic dubstep rhythm. in dubstep it’s what happens between the kick and the snare that characterizes the song.
other than that you could at least put one other element into the song, i.e. a melody that breaks up the monotony of the bassline a little bit. it can also act as a way to convey more rhythm.
you can still keep it minimal but in order to achieve a certain depth in your song you have to work with layering different instruments on top of each other and it’s all up to you how you do it. you can either put more focus on the beat or on the bassline or on the melody.

as you’ve said, you have to work on the levels/mixing but this will come with time and experience, don’t worry so much about it right now. the same goes for the arrangement.

Thanks for the reply. As for the melody suggestion, I do plan to have some kind of lead synth sound going on in there because the bassline does become dull and monotone after a while I agree. I’ve just not been able to find/create the right kind of lead yet so I kind of pushed it aside… but it’s definitely planned.

I’ll definitely work on exciting the hats/the ride a little more too. Again I did plan to do this a little, double up the hits a little here and there, change the pattern for a few bars, etc… but I just basically wanted to put up what I had today before I moved on to something else. Who knows, maybe I’ll post a V2 when I come back to it for a while.

Thanks for the very helpful post :)