Fit Note Selection To Pattern

This came up in a thread in the help and support section, and I decided to make a feature request out of it. Here’s is the original topic:

Its often nice to quickly record melodies during moments of inspiration without thinking of metronomes or song speed before hand. The problem is that it’s then very hard to make the notes fit a Renoise pattern, without altering the original rhytym of the notes.

It would be very nice if it was possible to tell Renoise “Fit the selection to pattern without changing the original rhytym of the notes”. What would happen is that Renoise would then spread the notes evenly (in relation to each other) and change the song speed accordingly, resulting in notes playing exactly the same way as before, but fitting the pattern perfectly.

What do you guys think?

Yes, +1 for this simple yet very useful feature. Probably would be most convinient in the advanced edit, tomake the selection fit to a defined ammount of lines, not just limiting fitting the selection to a pattern.