Five small tracks - Tiny People by Nuelijarma

I’ve used Renoise for more than a year now? I think now I feel confident enough to share things here :slight_smile:
These are also my first real attempts at mixing. Damn that’s hard.

Enjoy the music :smiley:


Welcome friend.I got to tell you I listened to all the tracks and man you are a master on the drums.In tracks 2,4 and 5 the groove is outstanding also composition wise you are pretty good ,the only thing i could tell you that needs improvement is the sounds.Find some better vst or kontakt libraries and your tracks will go on another level.

Thank you, than means a lot ;-; I rarely get feedback, apart from friends that say “it sounds like video game music doesn’t it?”
So far I only used native Renoise instruments and samples. I do want to look outside, because it’s limiting after a while. I’ve ordered the komplete kontrol M32 from native instruments and it comes with a lot of instruments I’m eager to try!

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