[Fixed 2.6 Beta] Insert New Track Next To Mst Does Weird Stuff

Hi there,

when one creates a new track (with scripting) next to the Mst track, then this one seems to do weird stuff (I think it overwrites the Mst).


Hey fladd.

This adds a send track. Looks OK here?

local function master_track_index()  
 for index,track in ripairs(renoise.song().tracks) do  
 if (track.type == renoise.Track.TRACK_TYPE_MASTER) then  
 return index  

No, what I mean is when you start a new project for instance, there are 8 “normal” tracks, then the Mst and then one or two Sends (cannot remember right now). When you then add a track AFTER “normal” track number 8, then things seem to go wrong.


Ah, I now know exactly what the bug is. When doing what I just described in the post above, then a Send track is created after the last send (in the case of the empty song, two tracks away from where it is supposed to be, which of course does not make any sense). A normal track should be created instead.


Ahh, you are right. renoise.song():insert_track_at(master_track_index()) should not add a send but a normal track at the end of the normal track list. Fixed. Thanks ;)