[Fixed 2.6 Beta] Postfx_Volume.is_Automated Bug ?

Hi there,

stumbled upon this one, think it’s reproducable

  • create a new automation envelope for song().selected_track.prefx_volume
  • add some points by using add_point function (maybe also by hand ?)
  • clear the automation envelope by hand. song().selected_track.prefx_volume.is_automated should be false now
  • but: song().selected_track.postfx_volume.is_automated() is true . I expected this to always be false

How do you clear the automation? If you only set automation.points={} then the automation will have no points, but will still be present.
Do trash an automation you must remove it via renoise.song().patterns[].tracks[]:delete_automation(parameter)

I don’t clear via script. I use Renoise automation editor buttons (should trash)
And still there is the question: why is Postmixer device automatable at all ?

Oh. “postfx_volume”. Should indeed not possible to create automation for this. I’ve read “prefx_volume”. Sorry.

Added a new property for this in B6:

will now also fire an error when trying to automate such a parameter.

Thanks for reporting.

should be “automatable”, I think. Just in case this is not unintended