[Fixed 2.6 Beta] Scripting Editor Theme Issues

I noticed the comment coloring goes way off for “a few” other themes besides the default.
it shows up really messed up.

Also, when using a mouse cursor,
making a selection, often doesn’t grab where the cursor is. then using right click>>copy and paste breaks the selection sometimes, unless being very careful.

I can’t stand staring at that default theme anymore.
All the lighter themes display the fonts messed up and hardly usable.
Some lighter themes still make the editor fonts schitz.

Is it just me and everyone uses the default or just dark themes in general?
or is it that no one actually uses the editor?

Parentheses & curly brackets highlighting, that’s one thing that would really make the editor more usable. (aside from the fonts in lighter themes)

There definitely seems to be a little bit of weird behaviour with the font renderer on certain background colours. Could be related to the method it uses to determine the perceived brightness, and how it adjusts the text for either a dark or light background.

For example…

This is with the main background colour set to 7F7F7F:

And here it is with 808080:

Apart from simply being a bad choice of colour on my part, you can see that the text looks fairly normal against the 7F7F7F background, but against the 808080 background the green text definitely has some anti-aliasing problems.

Yep, that’s it, the second photo.

I even looked through the theme prefs, but I can’t seem to find any notion of a color control for the script editor.

Oh. Indeed. Fixed for the next beta…

ahhhhhh thankyou taktik.