[Fixed 2.8 Beta] Pattern Index Observables Not Firing When Sequencer I

(This is on 2.8 beta 5)

Should renoise.song().selected_pattern_index_observable, renoise.song().selected_pattern_observable and renoise.song().selected_sequence_index_observable fire when the pattern matrix is not visible?

I think they should.

If not, is there any other way of knowing when the pattern changes when the pattern matrix is not visible and without a spin loop in idle_notifier?

[edit: more info]

It does not fire when he sequencer is not visible -> when the sample editor or key zones pane is visible.
Renoise internally does then not need it then, scripts do, so we should fix that…

I can start Song playback when the Keyzone or Sample Editor are in view. In what way does Renoise not need to know which Pattern/Sequence I am in to do so? Not having it visible does not Renoise from being able to play the song through. Automation depends on Selected_Pattern (well EditPos.sequence but they are very closely related) and this again is visible without having the Sequence in view.

Good to hear it will be changed I just don’t understand how Renoise can not need it internally…