[Fixed 2.8] Ik Multimedia Stompio Not Working As In Device In Os X

Curious if anyone has any ideas why I can’t get Renoise to recognize the Stomp IO from IK Multimedia as an input device, but can as an output device? It just won’t show up on the In Device list in Preferences no matter what I try. Works great in other programs.

I can route it from AmpliTube (which is IK’s digital effects program that works with Stomp IO) using Sunflower, but I can’t hear the input from the Stomp unless it’s recorded and then played back.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you,

~ JS

Did finally get it to work (quite well, actually) with Sunflower. Still would love to know if there is a way to use it directly as an input…

~ JS

Is it a Mono device? Their page doesn’t seem to be clear on this but seems to point that way.


If so, as of Renoise 2.7.2, mono devices are not supported under OSX. I think I’ve seen mention that this has been fixed in the forthcoming update (just don’t ask when that will be.) So if it’s mono; no there is currently no way to get it to work natively.

That could certainly be it. I’ll look into it. Thanks much for the suggestion…

And I mean SOUNDflower, not Sunflower. :)

~ JS

Final update on this one who may be experiencing this issue.

Just downloaded 2.8 beta (with mono device support) and sure enough, showed up immediately as an input device!

Thank you for the insight kazakore!