[fixed 3.1 (b5)] OSX El Capitan: Ableton/Renoise ReWire issues

There is a current issue when running Renoise with Ableton Live on OS 10.11 El Cap. It appears after installing Renoise, you are only able to open Live once per reboot of the machine. There were other instances where Renoise would behave the same way. I believe this may be a Rewire issue, but cannot be 100% sure, as Ableton will often hang or crash when trying to Master/slave to Renoise after the update.

I grabbed the console output on Ableton launch - it looks like I can get both applications working together one time, and then I end up getting this output on Ableton launch:

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> ============================================================

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Version : Renoise ReWire Engine V3.1.0a4 (Sep 12 2015)

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Date : 2015-10-31

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Time : 16:51:05

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> OS : Mac OS X 10.11.1 (x86_64)

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> ============================================================

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Engine loaded…

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Engine is initializing…

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Fatal Error: Failed to initialize the ReWire Device (Error: ‘Failed to create the connection event’).

Please try to restart the ReWire host and try loading the ReWire Device again.

ALog: MemoryUsage: V: 2.7 GB, R: 160.9 MB, P: 0 Bytes

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Engine released…

Renoise ReWire Engine LOG> Closing log file…

Segmentation fault: 11


Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


Deleting expired sessions…3 completed.

[Process completed]

Working on a fix for this. New “security” changes in OSX El Capitan have broken Renoise’s ReWire implementation. Will need to work around for this in 3.1.

The crash is from Live though, after ReWire failed to initialize.

This issue on 10.11.1 too?

As stated in the Renoise 3.1.0beta subforum, same problem for me.

And the issue is still here with 10.11.1

Only workaround that we can offer for now is removing Renoise’s ReWire slave device manually to prevent Live and others from using it.

To do so, open Finder, then navigate to: /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire and delete the “Renoise Engine.plugin” in there. You’ll need to do this as admin.

When starting Renoise don’t let it install ReWire. It will else put that file backagain.

As mentioned above we are working on the problem, but unfortunately this will take a while. Those “security changes” in El Captitan disallow Renoise to do an easy (and safe) thing, which now is pretty hard to accomplish in other ways. This also affects Renoise’s Plugin Server (using 32bit plugins in 64bit Renoise or vice versa).

Not only Renoise has this problem, other DAWs and software, too! You can disable this annoying EL Capitan component by following this instructions:


hackintosh is more easy:http://www.tonymacx86.com/el-capitan-desktop-support/170611-explaining-os-x-el-capitan-security-changes-workarounds-current-information.html

Jukek, have you had any luck with this approach? I have disabled SIP and am still getting the Rewire crash.

no, still on osx 10.9 :stuck_out_tongue:

ReWire issues should be fixed in 3.1 beta 5 now. Would be great if you guys could verify, help testing this.

Great, it is fixed for me, my crash test scenario is not locking Renoise and/or Live anymore!