[fixed 3.1] Renoise 3.0 Phrase editor with midi commands, portamento


I’m still on Renoise 3.0, so I don’t know the state of the phrase editor in 3.1 (yet it seems it got improved upon from what I get).

Anyway, within the phrase editor in 3.0, on a midi instrument, I’m trying to send midi commands and do portamento slides from note to note.

Imagine the Renoise pattern editor with instrument 00 being a monophonic midi instrument set up with proper portamento timing.

Midi commands for a filter adjustment are send (M0 49xx) together with a portamento slide from C to G. It will look somewhat like:

C-4 00 … … 00M0 49FF

… … … … 00M0 49F0

… … … G-4 00M0 49E8

… … … … 00M0 49E0

Now I tried to do something like that in the phrase editor:

C-4 … … M0 49FF

… … … M0 49F0

… … G-4 M0 49E8

… … … M0 49E0

This acts funny. C-4 will trigger, but the filter will not update.

The filter will update with G-4, but it’ll act as a new note.

M0 49F0 and M0 49E0 are also lost, just like M0 49FF

Obviously has to do with the instrument number being stripped. Apparently the only way to send midi commands now, is together with a local note.

In example:

C-4 M0 49FF

C-4 M0 49F0

G-4 M0 49E8

G-4 M0 49E0

This’ll update the filter as I’d like, but obviously the C and G notes will be retriggered and there is no slide.

Being clever like below, also doesn’t help:

C-4 … C-4M0 49FF

… … C-4M0 49F0

… … G-4M0 49E8

… … G-4M0 49E0

This’ll also retrigger all the notes instead of sliding.

Is there a workaround to this?

Or is this something that has been addressed in 3.1?

I can do what I want to do from the pattern editor, but if I have copy pasted a song full of filters and oscillator tweaks that need to retrigger with each note (and they can’t be programmed directly on the synthesizer), it’ll be hard to adjust the behaviour for every single note trigger, if it needs adjusting afterwards. With the phrase editor however, it would allow me to do that and even keep multiple instrument settings for a single oscillator that can be swapped on the fly, without relying on synthesizer program changes.Would love if it would work like that. Would really unlock the capabilities of programming for hardware!

Any thoughts?

Obviously has to do with the instrument number being stripped. Apparently the only way to send midi commands now, is together with a local note

Yes, this is a bug which got fixed for 3.1. No more need for ‘dummy’ notes, the instrument is simply implied.

Great idea btw. about using phrases as a container for instrument settings. Straight MIDI commands are really useful but also really messy - the combination of a note column, panning column and effect column, yikes! Good if you can tuck this away and just trigger it when needed.

Good to hear! Looking forward to try it out. After finishing up some current projects…

Can you have multiple MIDI effects commands (M0 specifically) within a single line? Would like each tick to have multiple things happening