[fixed 3.2] Compatibility with new MacOS (Mojave)

Hope it helps for you. Maybe you can report back if it changed anything? It helped here with some vst plugin GUIs and also a lot with Tracktion Waveform. I have the illusion that even Bitwig GUI speed increased like 2% (which is btw. quite ok since 2.51).

Because some of my plugins won’t load (mainly Waves plugins) in Renoise and my UAD plugins are bugie (causing renoise to hang and shut down, usual when I move or delete a UAD pluging from a track), I’m forced to switch to Reason 10.
There was a discount on Reason 10 and I’m familiar with it’s interface.
Before I bought Reason I installed the demo to see if all my plugins are working. And it did, without issues.
I still will follow Renoise’s development and I hope all the issue’s will be fixed in the future.
I’m using Renoise for more then 10 years, and it is still my number 1 DAW.
When you understand it’s interface, you love it’s simplicity.

When Renoise eventually will be updated and most issues are fixed. Renoise will be my preferred DAW again and I will switch back. Reason will rewired then :p.

@taktik Yes, I downloaded the latest build. Also tried deleting all files from the preferences stored within macOS, and reinstalling Renoise completely new. Still no success…

Update: After clean installing Mojave Renoise works on my machine again! Hooray! Not sure why it wasn’t working before…

I was running 64bit Renoise. I tried 32bit Renoise now and it runs without any problems. can access all my Plugins. I’m a little bit confused about this 32/64 bit version of Renoise thing.
Anyways, from now on I will use 32bit version of renoise. Reason I will use for jamming.

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Has anyone improved upon or solved the issue with the slow and laggy graphics? Edit window, scopes, all run like poo. I’m on Mojave 10.14.5.

10th time > right click > open in low resolution solves problem!

All those compatibility issues (various AU issues, slow GUI updates on Retina scrrens) should be solved/fixed now in Renoise 3.2.

Please let us know in case it doesn’t, so we double-check this.


I did want to cry last night when I thought my new sound card would work with Renoise, UR22mk2 audio interface.

Why Mojave??? Why why why lol.

Interestingly the Virus ti2 audio interface is smooth also on this new update.

I’m not going back to Logic. Too much tech work with that software daw

Still having several issues with AU plugins in 3.2, some of which seem to have persisted since 3.1.1.

Mostly it’s about AU saved settings on certain AU plugins.

I’ve started a thread here: AU Plugins Settings Not Saved in macOS Mojave

Basically, some of the saved settings will be changed to factory init when the song file is loaded in macOS Mojave. For instance, one particular plugin (Plugin Alliance bx_cleansweep v2), I can load a fresh song, insert the plugin on a track, change parameters, save it and load the file back up and the plugin is reset to init.

I can also load the plugin fresh, change parameters and do a copy and paste into a text file and even though the parameter is changed in the GUI, the XML data shows the init parameters.

To further complicate it, I have saved song files from 2017 with tons of bx_cleansweep instances on many, many tracks and everything loads up perfectly in 3.2.0 but not 3.1.1.

Any help to unravel this mystery would be GREATLY appreciated! :smile:

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experienced this issue with AU plugins not remembering presets (from older projects) nor FX nor Instruments

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