[Fixed B3] Sample Transpose Slider Skips Values When Dragging

Title says it all. For example it skips from 11 semitones to 13. Im using b2.

A range of -120 to 120 maybe anyway is far too big to be usable. -36 to 26 (EDIT: -36 to 36) should be a lot more comfortable and enough for transposing?
For samples we also have the base note settings in the sample keyzone editor.

Sure, but why not -36 to 36, or -24 to 24?

can’t you hold ctrl while dragging for smaller increments?

Ehm. Yes. Was a typo. Meant “-36 to 36” and not “-36 to 26”

You can, just like entering the exact value, but that’s not really comfortable.

would rather have the large range like it is now which you can tweak more precisely through holding the modifier key, than a smaller range. Am using the large range now for example to extremely transpose looped beat slices so they turn into pitches, get a cool melodic flavor.

How about we decouple slider range from field range? Lightwave, for example, allows negative values in its “luminosity” field, but using the mouse-UI won’t let you do that. It’s like a manual-override-for-weird-but-useful-values kind of thing.

I’ve made the slider a bit more sensitive in that case and kept the old range. Should solve the issue for everyone, I hope…

I’d like to ask to change transpose number view from N st to Oct.st. For example -1.3, minus one octave and 3 semitones. Or make it optionally…