[Fixed Beta] Rotary Object Viewbuilder Needs Cosmetics

I noticed the rotary dial at about 80 width and 80 height begins leaving artifacts, it’s only vaguely noticeable in the default size if you know what to look for.
If you set the width and height to 200, it Really shows.

oh, best way to see it that I’ve found, is to use “corticyte_camo”.

knob shade, if knob shade is 0 it looks perfect, if knob shade is maximum, it gets those interesting looking artifacts.

If you’re trying to demonstrate some kind of visual bug, then it really helps to post a screenshot along with your description.

also, please post examples of sounds you made while twisting this glitching knob, preferably over a slideshow of pretty girls.

dunno… no wait, actually I do: if it’s easy to reproduce, just trust the report isn’t totally made up and try to reproduce it. it’s a bug report after all, not a feature request.

with that theme it shows up with 0% knob shade.

ha! I see what you did there, knocking the center over and down. kind of makes it look like a lens flare.
It’s not too bad though, as using anything over 80 is really only logical for someone using a touch screen, which I’m not sure anyone is doing yet. even in that case a slider would be more logical usage for screen real estate.
looks excellent with zero knob shade.

I am, but the coordination mode from touchscreens require a different treatment from within the application (slower mouse sensitivity), i haven’t quite found a proper balance yet doing this with the internal Windows mouse properties:
Setting a balanced x/y response costs response time when e.g. wanting to toggle a button, that effect is not desired either.

X/Y response with fine resolution is a little slow even with the mouse.
That might possibly need to be looked at.

I just got an idea: X/Y device is perfect for It Alien’s midi loop points control!