[FIXED] Flanger Lfo'D Kills Audio Playback From Channel

After a while you get a soundout, either on the left or both channels. There’s a sample there… Which seems to load in a very different display mode way now, showing pure dcoffset +1

anyway, checkit. flanger w some resonance, lfo controlling flanger delay time and once it builds up enough of a long time, it gets to 0.0ms for long enough toc cut playback off.


That’s strange. I thought clipping the signal would solve it (used razor distortion on 100%), but it still cut out after a while.

Maybe it’s some kind of failsafe inside the effect for whenever the signal gets crazy? Lots of feedback and resonance inside the feedback path are no good if you want to keep it subtle.

Add 8th order butterworth hi-pass filter at the end of the signal chain with cutoff at around 20-40hz.