[Fixed] Linux Xfce: Dialog Boxes Hidden In Fullscreen Mode


Congrats for the new version. Lots of new features to check out. Great!

One minor cosmetic thing. In 2.6, dialog boxes (like the “Save Changes?” box when closing the app) are hidden when Renoise is running fullscreen. When I hit Alt+Tab, the dialog window comes to the foreground again.

Running under Linux with XFCE, Ubuntu 10.04.

Confirmed. Interesting thing is also that when clicking “Yes” has no effect, the dialog is closed, but the file is not saved.

File render dialog seems to behave similar.

Quickly fixed this, and silently updated the Linux 2.6 builds right now. jk123: download the builds form the backstage again please.

A fix for DWM has broken this for xfwm4.

Also tested the other commonly used WMs again, and they all seemed to work now. Well, at least without show stoppers:
metacity, compiz, mutter, kwin, xfwm4, dwm, awesome and plain X (no WM)

There are small problems here and there in some of them, but we can’t fix everything for every single WM on this planet.

Wow, that was quick. It works now. Thanks!