Fixed Note And Non-Null First Random Number


First of all, Renoise 1.27 is wonderful, thanks a lot. Two little suggestions :

  • I think a little tick in the Sample Keyzone Editor, near the basenote, called for example “Fixed note” would be nice. By ticking it, the selected sub-sample would always play on its basenote (say, C4) even if we map it from C1 to B9. This could force drums to be always played at the same frequency.
  • Also, I noticed that the Random-LFO in the Instrument Enveloppe always starts with a value of 0. This is a bit annoying, because I’d like to use this LFO to humanize a bit my drums by adding a frequency variation each time I trigger it, by using the lowest LFO-frequency possible. Is it possible to change that ?


about LFO:

any change to that part of Instruments has been postponed to future versions, probably 3.0: rather than these little, backward-incompatible, changes, we would like to completely redesign XRNI structure

You mean 2.7, right?

Sounds like a headache. :P

Seriously though, hasn’t 2.7 Sample Keyzones been a total XRNI structure redesign? Or is it just a GUI change?