[fixed] Notes at end of the pattern missing in Matrix with max. zoom

I have experienced visual problems with Matrix Editor with the zoom to maximum (height x width).

I explain what happens. Steps (R3.1 w10x64):

  1. Create a song withvarious patterns. I use 96 lines per pattern.
  2. Include some notes on the last line of each pattern also.
  3. Expand the Matrix Editor and enlarge the zoomhorizontal and vertical to maximum.
  4. Play and Follow the notes visually in the Matrix Editor (Each note is represented by a dash or line. The note-OFFs not appear).
  5. What happens:notes placed on the last line in each pattern, do not appear in Matrix Editor.
  6. Do I have something improperly configured in Renoise?

I guess the situation worsens if 512 lines are used per pattern…

Matrix Editor can be used to detect errors in composition with notes.I think the problem is the vertical zoom, which is very small.

If it is because the vertical zoom, I wonder if the vertical zoom could be expanded to double, at least.That the max. zoom have a ratio of 2x4 and not 1x4 as is currently in v3.1 (even a proportion of 4x4 = 1x1).

I also wonder if it would be possible collapse groups in the matrix editor.