[fixed] OSX: Hotplugging audio interfaces doesn't work (until rest

Hey there, since the Renoise 3.1 betas and onward to stable release, it doesn’t reintialize when I plug in my iPhone via StudioMux or my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interfaces in the settings pane. I basically have to quit and reload Renoise for the audio interfaces to be usable :(.

There’s a hidden option for this in the preferences to turn the feature on/off, and it got turned off by default by accident during the betas. We’ll fix this, but for now you can manually enable it again too:

  • Open Renoise
  • Click on “Help” -> “Show the Preferences Folder…”
  • Close Renoise again (else it will overwrite the changes that you will do)
  • Open Config.xml with a text editor
  • Search for “”
  • there will be two . One for MIDI, one for Audio. Set the one for audio to true -> true

Thx for that info. Do “UseHardwareBuffers”, “UseRealTimePriority” and “NumberOfBuffer” also affect the OSX version?

@taktik Awesome! Thanks a bunch for the reply, worked like a charm :).

I am using Renoise 3.1.1 build in jan 2017. I only can find two times


Both are set to true. Now if my audio device will change (like switching off/on) while Renoise is opened, I will not see the new device, a restart will be still required. What is the reason for this? Wrong build? Or do I need to rename the switches just like you mentioned above?

EDIT: I now re-downloaded Renoise 3.1.1 64bit macos. Now the device will disappear and that will be reflected in the available device list, too. But it will not re-appear after powering on again. Also the newly downloaded build seems to be the exact same size, and the about screen still shows a “jan 2017”.

** A restart of renoise is required, not a restart of the os. The device will re-appear normally in finder and also will be re-selected automatically there.