[fixed] PDC issues in sample effect chains with phrases

I was using elastique pitch v2 on a sample inside the effect chains. After adding it other samples using phrases (like sliced up drum breaks) were’nt played correctly. There was a short gap of silence at the end of the phrase loop. Could be possible, that this gap of silence was exactly the length of the latency of elastique pitch v2. It seems its currently not a good idea to use vst effects with big latency in effect chains.

Renoise 64bit 3.1.1, Windows 10, DirectSound

Have you tried other sound driver?Check with asio drivers and see if you have the same pronlems.DirectSound is not Ideal for music making

Also happens with ASIO. So its not sound driver related.

That of course should work - in general.

Could you give us a little example song which demonstrates the problem in detail?

Sure. Simple test song. elastique pitch was added to the piano sample inside the effect chain. The sliced up drum loop will not played correctly at the end of the pattern. When you remove elastique pitch from the piano sample, it will be fine.

pdc_issue.xrns (551.4 KB)

I think you can use the demo version of elastique pitch for this test:

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The delay itself was applied correctly, but the phrase note off commands didn’t compensated the delays correctly. Fixed that now.

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