[fixed] Phrase suppressing following non phrased instrument

Is this a bug or do i something wrong? Why does the phrase suppress the kick in this loop?

Seems like a bug indeed. Well spotted. We’ll have to look more deeply into this.

In the meantime, you can workaround it by changing the high hat instrument to use some typical drum kit mappings (C-4, C#4, etc), and then changing your phrase to play the key-mapped notes instead of addressing the sample indexes directly.

Ok, thank you for your workaround, works :slight_smile:

verry strange .

-Looks like the note that triggers the phrase editor needs a note off toget the desired result

-Putting the kick on an new lane , now ignores the first snare hit .

-Adding a note off at the the bottom of the pattern seems to get rid of the bug ( See Above)

Bug still exists when hihats are mapped across 2 keys ( in the key editor ) but same keys are used in phrase editor ( sample select option)

Yes most def , the sample index pointer in phrase editor has something to do with it