[Fixed Plugin] Hamburg Audio Nuklear Vst Causes Fatal Error

The VST2 version of Hamburg Audio’s Nuklear causes a fatal error and refuses to produce any sound.
Works without problems in Ableton tho.
Demo download: http://www.hamburg-audio.com/index.php?nav=1015&lang=GB

Now I notice that the developer has already fixed the problem. :)

Yep. We’ve already been in contact with one of the developers of Nuklear. The problem should be fixed in v1.0.2 which I believe was released today.

that’ s good news! the demo was already nice in ableton to play around with.

on a sidenote:
not that i have the hope of understanding it, but how is it possible that a plugin works flawlessly in a series of hosts while it causes trouble in another one?
Isn’t VST supposed to be a standardized interface which, when incorporated correctly, should work either on all or no host correctly?

VST is an interface and guideline, but there still is room for differences: Every host can and will uses the protocol a bit different, depending on how audio processing works internally in the host. Even in one host, it can be interpreted differently depending on if you for example use ASIO or directsound, how you use automation (or not) and so on…

Actually many hosts tried to emulate Cubase’s implementation of the VST protocol exactly, by reverse engineering it where possible. But Steinberg only published the VST interface with the bit of documentation, but not the whole “host”, so this is an extremely hard thing to do.