[fixed] Possible hanging MIDI instrument note(Off)s with phrases

I get an awfull lot of hanging midi notes when using the phrase editor , moderate lpb and no note delays and every note has a note off .

Used lpb 8

Even happens when playing from the gui keyboard .

Very simple pattern lpb8 , 2 note pattern +note off’s , 1octave apart …is enough for hanging notes.

Copying the phrase data to the pattern ., thus exact data .;doesn’t reproduce the midi hang ups …

Throwing a lot of midi data/fast playing from the pattern editor will give the occasional midi hang up , as with most midi gear .

The phrase editor behaves totally eratic when it comes to sending note off 's

Edirol ua 25 audio midi interface ----> nordmodular

ymaha a4000

O.K.to make sure it’s the phrase editor / midi combination .

Fl studio sending lightning fast midi arpergiator data , midi note echo pitch effects ----> no hick ups ;

Reaper js megababy sequencer ----> no hick ups ;

Last test to rule everything out .

I set my sampler to MONO …playing 2 successive notes in the phrase editor C3…C4 …a simple octaved pattern …bam .;midi hang when playing the phrase across the keyboard .

The Reason I think the phrase editor is having problems with midi is because it’s data is NOT send directly to the midi out , since the phrase editor is nested within renoise causing eratic behaviour …is this true ?

We’ve managed to reproduce some hanging notes here, so we’ll have to look into it more deeply. Thanks for reporting.

thanks , at the moment the phrase editor is unusable for real time playing / midi out .

@ developers …how is the phrase editor handling/sending midi out data …directly or nested within renoise , probably the wrong terminology …but I am not a coder .

We’ve managed to reproduce some hanging notes here, so we’ll have to look into it more deeply. Thanks for reporting.

Been testing now on renoise 3.0 …and oddly …there are almost no hanging notes , when realtime playing /transposing phrase from computer keyboard

Maybe the redesign of the phrase editor has something to do with ?

Dblue , could you please tell how the phrase editor has been implemented in 3.1 ( in laymans terms ) , is it using some work around to send midi out ?

I remember some changes have been made during the beta for controll cc parameters maybe it has something to do with it…;dunno


and some more testing on 3.1 .

IT seems that the hanging notes occur when ext.mid. mode is selected .

Almost no hanging notes when’ line in mode is selected .

I renoise 3.0…both modes operate smoothly .

So it’s ren.3.1 specific , when ext.mid .is used …

Need some more testing