[fixed] Tutorials / User Manual site down?

I have been trying to get to the online user manual (or any other URL under http://tutorials.renoise.com) for several days now, but I only see a 404 error with the following description line:

[indent]The requested URL /fcgi-bin/php5-fpm/ was not found on this server.[/indent]

Are others seeing the same problem? Does anyone know of another way to get to the user manual for Renoise 3? (the last version of the downloadable PDF that I saw there was still the 2.8 manual)

Yep, same problem here.

The web server was experiencing some issues last week, and the tutorials temporarily taken offline as a result.

Until it’s back you can download the PDF documents here:

[Renoise 3.0 Manual](http://files.renoise.com/manual/Renoise User Manual.pdf)
[Renoise 2.8 Manual](http://files.renoise.com/manual/Renoise User Manual_28.pdf)
[Renoise 2.7 Manual](http://files.renoise.com/manual/Renoise User Manual_27.pdf)

Thanks, danoise. I never found the PDF version of the version 3 manual. That is perfect until the site is back up and running!


… should be fixed now.

Technical background: We have been fighting some denial of service attacks which were good and bad. Good, because they made us switch from Apache prefork to the worker threading/process model. This lowered the memory consumption a lot which was a problem before. Bad: PHP (running our website, forum and tutorials) is a bit messy to configure with the worker model and the tutorials section (MediaWiki) needed an extra invitation to the party. mod_php does not work here anymore, FastCGI has to be used instead.

the attacks (or perhaps a wonky client, does not have to be an attack in a evil sense) and configuration issues had to come up the very moment I went on vacations (so did my bandwidth). Unfortunately I did not pay attention to fixing the tutorials section which needed extra care. Sorry for that.


Great news! The site feels like it is faster to navigate.
And I’ve had no more “partial” pages appearing on the forum, which could happen every now and then in the past.

So, yeah, something good can come from something bad :)

Sounds nice :)