Fixing/Adjusting Velocity And Deleting Lines

If I record say a hihat in realtime is there A - a way to fix the velocity of the incoming midi signal and B - a way to quickly adjust the velocity of all the notes in the pattern editor after they have been recorded?
Also how about if I decide I want the velocity to be 127 for the downbeat and 100 for the upbeat can this be achieved quickly ?

The other question is about deleting single lines of a column .For example at line 18 I want to delete A-400 SC C3 0000 . Right clicking and choosing Cut seems to be the only way to do this .Using the delete key only deletes the selected entry A-400.then I need to select the other values to delete them . Is there a faster way to do this?

I’ve looked at the manual and searched the forum but didn’t find anything which helped so far.


OK I’ve worked out how adjust the recorded note welocity .It’s in the advanced edit column . Also the velocity device looks like it may affect the incoming velocity although I haven’t quite worked it out yet . Also it looks like Alt+F3 or Ctrl+X is the best solution to delete a complete line .


You can tell Renoise to ignore the incoming velocity data via: Preferences > MIDI > Record & Play Filter

This would potentially make it easier to manually input your own velocities via the pattern editor after the notes have been recorded.

You can use the edit step value to make the pattern editor cursor jump a certain number of steps while inputting values. This is ideal for creating repetitive sequences, since you can just hold down a key to quickly fill the pattern with values at specific intervals.

You could also potentially use the ‘paste continuously’ function. Make a selection in the pattern editor as normal, then use ALT + F4 to copy it to the clipboard. Now use CTRL + P (default key mapping, I believe) to paste the selection and cause it to repeatedly fill the rest of the pattern.

You can perhaps try the ‘delete whole row’ shortcut, which defaults to: ALT + Delete

This function does operate on all note columns within the track, not just a single note column, but it still may be suitable for you.

The velocity device does not affect incoming velocity. It ‘listens’ to the velocity of any notes playing in the track, or being played via keyboard/MIDI, and then it uses that velocity value as a modulation source to drive other things. You can connect note velocity to filter cutoff, for example, or to any other parameter in the DSP chain.

Thats a great help thanks for your time. I’ll check out your suggestions .