Fl Studio 10 Rewire Problem Unsolvable!

FL Studio 10 Rewire problem unsolvable!

  1. I open FL Studio 10
  2. I open Rewired vst
  3. I choise Renoise
  4. I click on show panel
  5. And renoise opens
  6. I open a song
  7. I go back to FL Studio
  8. I press play and i hear a repeating sound, i get angry
  9. No notes in piano roll controls the first renoise instrument!
  10. Then i add midi out channels in FL Studio with port 10, no midi channel and port works, i get very angry
  11. No midi channel can send notes to Renoise instruments, it’s 100% impossible!
  12. I can’t make music in FL Studio with Renoise instruments, it’s only a dream
  13. I hate renoise rewire connection

I can’t send notes to renoise instruments from fl studio
This is a very big problem for me!

FL Studio version is 10.0.9
Renoise version is 2.5.1

No you can’t because that is not supported.
You can send notes to instruments using a virtual midi device, but in order to achieve that, you must upgrade to Renoise 2.7 because in there, you can assign specific midi devices to instruments :)