Fl Studio + Renoise (Rewire)

Hi there!

A few weeks ago, I wanted to rewire Renoise as a slave to FL Studio (mostly because i like FL’s song arranger)

I’ve managed to start FLS and open an instance of Renoise as a Rewire slave…
I can get both playing in sync…

What i’d like to do is to control Renoise instruments from FLS and i can’t figure how to setup a proper MIDI mapping inside Renoise.
I thought it would be possible to tell Renoise that Instrument XX should respond to MIDI input on YY channel…

I also would like to map fx parameters.

Any clue would be appreciated =)
Thanks in advance

Assigning instrument xx to midi channel yy won’t work here unfortunately, Renoise instrument slots can only be controlled directly by the MIDI-in device as in if that particular instrument is really selected / highlighted or through the pattern editor.
This will hopefully change in one of the newer releases of Renoise.

Okay, thanks for the explanation… Let’s hope the feature will come soon =)

Is it still impossible to use this kind of Setup ?
I own the newest Version of Renoise, but i really don’t like to use VSTs in it, because it’s really hard to manage the controllers, and very often there is not even a controller that fits or i just don’t have the luck to find the right one quickly. This could really get improved in Renoise. The best solution would be to allow just recording the controllers directly form the plugin. Maybe witha midi-learn function for the midi control device or somehting like this ?

There’s a tool that does this GetPluginParams | Renoise

Thank you.
It still won’t work with FL Studio ?

I don’t get how this tool works, does it detect anything that gets moved automatically ?

Another possible good idea i just had myself, a virtual DAW Controller inside Renoise where u can add Knobs, Buttons and Faders and then link them to any controller of any VST Device you use in your actual Renoise Session. This could get wired to another program too. Just in case someone of the developing team reads this. It would let you easily ignore the mass of knobs, buttons and faders you just don’t need, to get a better overview.

The issue stems from the fact that instruments are not tied to a track by default.
The issue with renoise not announcing it’s instruments over rewire might be fixed one day.
The automation one, probably not, since we have an instrument automation device, so it’s all working as intended.

There is also another tool that maps to your meta devices automatically, you’ll have to look for it yourself though.

I could not find that tool you are talking about but nvm.

So there will be still the option to just rewire the audio output of automated VSTs to Renoise the best option left.
Does anyone else work this way and can share his experience ? Can i get it to work this way with Reaper or FL Studio ?

I guess the tool I though of doesn’t quite do what you want, I was thinking of

with a little bit reprogramming it should be possible to combine the functions of these, maybe you could get someone to do that.

However, if the parameter your touching is in the instrument automation list, simply select DSP in the get_plugin_params tool and click “Show in mixer”

I will give that a last try to understand it, thank you.
I think i will use Cubase Elements then to control VST Plugins and Rewire it to Renoise,
that seems to be a lot more comfortable to use. I tried FL Studio but i don’t really like
it, and i never used Reaper so it might be a good idea to use a progam i already know from
later versions when i worked in a recordingstudio some years ago, and it is cheap plus it
comes with some nice tools.

I tried Reaper and had problems with the memory usage, and Reaper always produces crackling
sound after a while in use on the Rewire Signals.

Ok i understand it now, but it’s not very nice, i still have to search for it in the almost endless list of parameters in the module. It is really a pain.