Fl Studio Renoise

To This may seem like a cop out but is anyone aware of any videos or documentation comparing how you would go about doing something in FL Studio but doing so in Renoise? I.E….In Fl Studio effects chains on tracks go up and down in succession but with Renoise I’m confused if it’s reading the effects left to right or opposite. Again, very new here so I’m just trying to learn as much as possible.

Thanks For Anything!

effect chain in Renoise mixer is exactly the same as seen in FL Studio

you have effect chain going from top to bottom

in the track view you have exactly same thing going from left to right (same goes for Live or Bitwig)

Bitwig example:

it would be very useful i you would start from manual Renoise User Manual
you have everything there. Devs did their part investing a lot of effort to make it. It would be very inappropriate to simply ignore it.

There are tutorials as well: Tutorial Videos - Renoise 3.0 | Renoise

i’d gladly help if there are question which are not answered on many places. If you are new to trackers in general, then you have a starting point. Google a bit what trackers are, how they work etc… it shouldn’t be that hard to grasp… :slight_smile:


Yeah I am watching these videos and playing around so where I appreciate your help, there seems to be a level of condescension from your post, the devs DEFINITELY did their part and I’m trying to do mine by learning the program I purchased from them in ways that make sense to me. Thanks for the advice

i understand your view… i feel totally the same when someone does not read the manual…

so, your sense does not tell you to read manual first? cool. Good luck


Not everybody learns from simply RTFM, everybody is different. If life was like this then training people face to face for work would be redundant because “just read the job manual”. Being able to ask questions to aid learning is essential for the vast majority of people. If you don’t like it, don’t browse the beginner forum?

while agree that learning is personal thing… it also depends on your environment and past experience in general. Still, someone explaining is literally someone reading the manual - otherwise it might be misinterpreted. We are talking about facts here (do A thing by doing B C D in order), not about creative artistic stories. I’d rather read manual from the person who made that program - who knows ins and outs, rather than someone interpreting it… i’ll end up listening to 5 explanations while wasting time and efforts… Anyone has choice, but do not try to convince me otherwise. Cheers

i answered questions of the OP, i did not just wrote RTFM as you are making it look…

after being polite in the first reply, OP decided to focus on my ‘hostility’ instead of things he asked for - which i responded to…

apart from mentioning manual, i linked video material from ‘Renoise’ youtube channel… so i already gave material in wanted form (video).