Flac Help - Encoded Parameters

I generally use BonkEnc when I have a batch of files I want to encode, or even single files if I want to go to FLAC as I don’t think my version of Soundforge supports FLAC.

Basically what has brought this up is wanting to keep original sample rate and bit depth, but encoded as FLAC, of files submitted to me for the Dead Dog Renoise Competitions. I can check bit depth and sample rate of the wavs easy enough (well not that hard, load them in Soundforge) but then I am not sure what they are after I have converted them to FLAC. The encoder for BoncEnc does not seem to have options for this so I am hoping it preserves that of it’s input, as it is a lossless compression algorithm. Would that be correct? Any tips on other useful settings? Has a load of Apodizations Functions you can cascade, I haven’t a clue what they are, currently set on just turkey(0.5) for example.


your probably better off using the official Flac command line programs in windows or linux. http://flac.sourceforge.net/documentation_tools_flac.html

Maybe I’m missing something, but why don’t you load your samples in renoise, right click on the sample you want to convert and do “Save Sample”. For batch conversions, here is a tool that lets you save all the samples in an instrument or a song in a few clicks : Sample Utilities.

I did consider it actually but as you have to select bit depth and sample rate in Renoise, and I want to preserve both as they were I went against it. Did open in Renoise and try and find a Properties for samples in the Disk Op but couldn’t see one. I decided to trust that BoncEnc was keeping original as FLAC is meant to be lossless but wondered if others had experience, or at least something that will give me the properties so I can check afterwards as WinXP doesn’t, couldn’t see it in Renoise and my version of Soundforge doesn’t support FLAC.

Why simply don’t load your samples in Renoise and save it as an instrument?

Renoise by default saves samples in FLAC format in the best way (32-bit FLAC). The 32-bit Flac format is currently described by the official FLAC developers in their format layout, back when Taktik implemented the 32-bit FLAC algorithm, he was ahead of the FLAC designers with this. But it looks like the current FLAC encoders and decoders on the official FLAC site still only go up till 24-bit support.

Again: Because I want to keep what the original bit depth was! This is not for samples, but for uploading songs that have been sent to me as uncompressed wave files so I can at least save some space and bandwidth. If I am provided with a 16bit file I don’t want to make it larger by producing a 32bit FLAC. Same as I’d want to preserve the 24bit file as that, not down-sample to 16bit as a base standard (although maybe I should…)