FLAC sample does not sound like original?


I am brand new to Renoise, today as a matter of fact, and I am trying to sort out an issue where I am in the Edit screen. Track 01 and have added dh_clap_syn_romny.flac.

When I press the spacebar the scrolling track plays the sample although it sounds different than the original that I hear when I choose it from the Instruments explorer on the right hand side.

It is most likely very simple and any guidance would be helpful.

Thank you.


By default renoise has -6db headroom applied pre mixer .

song—>song options

Great! Thank you kindly for sharing that and I will try it out now!


FLAC exactly sounds like the original, as long as the original is 24 bit (maximum supported bit depth by FLAC). ALAC supports 32bit btw, but is much more huge in size.