Flac Samples--changing The Aplification Level?

When I change the volume (amplify) in the instrument properties of these kinds of samples, it does nothing. I’ve never heard of “flac” samples until I downloaded the sample pack for the competition. How do I change the volume of these samples? Do I have to actually edit the sample itself to change the volume?

For now I’ll just use the Gainer DSP and turn the volume down.

That’s pretty bizarre… the amplification works exactly as it should for me when using .flac samples, even the BB5 sample pack. Are you on Windows or Mac? (I’m using Windows)


Windows XP SP2, P4 3.2ghz, 1gb ram, m-audio delta 66 with omni i/o.

Anything octave 3 and below the amplify option works fine. For octave 4 and up, amplify does nothing.

This is using the MS2000 samples in the sample pack for BB5.

Never mind

I have to change the volumes of each “section” because they’re not normal samples.


Okay–is there a way to change the volume of ALL the samples at once in a particular special sample thingy that uses multiple samples? Or do I have to do each one?

Ah, so it was a multisample instrument and you were changing the volume of a sample you weren’t actually triggering.

An instrument volume/amplification level would definitely come in handy, similar to the one we have for VST Instruments.

In the meantime I guess you could try to apply a volume envelope to lower the overall level of the mutlisampled instrument.