.flac What The Hell?


When I extracted a .xrns file I was expecting to get my .wav files. Instead there were .flac files.
This was sort of a suprise for me and maybe for others as well.

Anyway here is the program that can convert .flac into .wav http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html

BTW… there is a known problem converting 32bit flac files…

But if this is problem for you then:
Go to Edit- Preferences- Im/export - Song/Instr Export and change format :)


Nice thanks!
I noticed that after you change those settings you have to save your song once again so it is saved using .wav instead of .flac

So is .flac the new thing <_< ? I mean should we be using this “new” format?

FLAC is a lossless WAV compression, so it would be really useful if you use big/huge WAV data. Its faster than ZIP and gives more compression. All our demosongs are saved like that. You are encouraged to use FLAC format, though you’re not obliged to.

Seeing it compress all the FLAC stuff in the status bar makes my heart skip. :)

Except “Orient” where the samples compressed with Ogg Vorbis, that’s why the song smaller x10 times than in 1.5.2.

EDIT: and “R.O.T.U” as well.

ok, my question now is, will Renoise still convert 24/32 bit samples to 16 bit
or does it now let them be 24/32 bit resolution ?

No true 24 bit is really true 24 bit (and also true 32 bit and also true 32 bit float)
Samples are no longer truncated to a 16 bit variant.

this is really amazing.
why is Renoise still below the 50 euro :)

Just to piss of Native Instruments, Apple, FL and Steinberg all together.

Renoise is somesort of Microsoft in music making land... It allready conquered the trackerworld...

now to implement features for all of the people and dominate music creation :yeah:

it needs new rni structure and au support for that.

First I was very sceptic about the FLAC format for samples.
but having worked with them now, really turned me up side down.
It sounds great (in my ears no difference withe the original wav’s.

but the benefits are so overwhelming.
shorter loading time, less drive space.

I hope this standard becomes the new mp3.
the capacity of players is getting bigger so I see no excuses why not

and it’s open source :D

didn’t know that you can specify sample format, is that new in beta 5?

:drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:


in 1.8 all together yes.

No it has always been so in every beta.

I’m getting ready to convert my sample tree of 75 gigs.

i just now started researching flac,
an so far i’m thinking of using Frontah 0.92 beta 2.

i see that flac has varying degrees of compression levels. (-0 to -8) -fastest to best-

so i looked around the forum, but i haven’t seen which compression level renoise uses.

which one does renoise use?

Bantai’s post about this, gives me a bit of insight:

this bit catches my eye [70% to 50%]

i looked at the features, faq & docs at the flac site:

-also saw the encoder options list.
Tho, i don’t see any kind of chart showing comparisons of compression percentages to flac compression levels anywhere.

the amount of options available is quite a surprise too,
especially since i have no idea what most of them are for!

after reading through everyones messages that had the string ‘flac’ in it,
I’m positive i will run into at least a few problems…
at least half of my samples are 32 bit wav, a lot of my acapellas are in mp3, i also have a ton of aif’s
and there is a very good chance that some of my wavs are in different formats…

so, besides which level renoise uses, are there any of those options that i should really pay attention to, so that i might alleviate a few hours of heavy cycles? :D


AFAIR the flac in Renoise has compression level 5.
Though Renoise now support 32bit flac, this will not be supported officially by the flac developers in some time, but eventually 32bit will be supported, and then you can use converter tools or load saved renoise 32 bit flac’s in other apps etc.

I’m not sure if the 32 bit flac’s that renoise now make will be compatible with the upcoming official 32bit flac support… taktik?
If not, there really should be no problem for someone to make a batch converter I think.

For this reason it might not be handy to convert all your samples to FLAC if your wave files are 32-bit because there aren’t converters that can convert those to 32-bit Flac.
They will convert it to 24 bit if you desire that (not really much loss but you loose the peak and clipping overhead data)

Thanks guys!
i think maybe i will wait awhile before i tackle that!

this brings up an idea!!! :lol:

i notice when renoise needs to save it kinda locks me out even when i am in the middle of doing an operation right?

i have mine set for every 20 minutes it backs up.

uhoh this turned into 2 ideas.

1 being able to set the compression level myself, so that when it needs to backup it wont lock me out in the middle of operations!
2 having a little timer in the bottom left corner that counts down to next save time! <- might be a better idear

i see now after writing this, that #1 is kinda flawed in its conception cuz nothing can be changed when its saving, right? however there must be a way to get past this from locking us out in the middle of an op!

or maybe instead the ability to NOT compress backups at all?

sorry i think i just crossed the line between substance an rambling, so now i stop!