Flanking Hex and Dec Tics?

I think it’d be useful if there was an option to see Hexadecimal Numbers on one side and Decimal numbers on the other along the flanks of the Edit data columns.

I can upload a screenshot but I think it’s pretty self explanatory, and I think it’d be helpful, least to me being a noob and all.


Neat idea - I could see it being useful in only one way (for me). Let’s say I’m using the Repeater tool, and I’m breaking down one of my samples into tiny little bits. It’d be nice to see (in decimal form) what I’m breaking it down into. But, I’m pretty secure with it already, like, I know what it’s going to be.

But! With your idea, and if there is every a possibility to take an individual line, and say, turn that line into separate sub-divisions, without having to change the LPB, that’d be cool! Never gonna happen, but it’d be neat-o!

Yeah, hopefully someday I’ll get it and it’ll be second nature but I’m still kinda new to it all I guess.

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If you use 16 lpb and set hex as your preference for line display format, you’ll get it right quick!

Also, welcome to the forum :upside_down_face:

thanks for the awesome information.

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