Flash Swf Player Written In Javascript

This is pretty insane and masochistic. It plays SWF files without any Flash plugin in a modern browser.

Demo: http://smokescreen.us/demos/sb45demo.html
Code: http://redct.info/filestore/smokescreen012.js
Company: http://smokescreen.us

Oh, the humanity!

Industry titans, talking out their asses, technology ignores them and marches on (their face), the hilarity ensues.


And they will obviously find a way to get away with it.

wow. really impressive.

in theory i guess they could now make some sort browser hack on the ipad that makes all flash embeds and replaces them with the smokescreen player.

I think, when HTML5, especially and are possible in ANY browser, Flash will loose some ground. And that’s good. IMHO, flash is useless, then…

but ehm you can’t interact no more or wut?
for example in this flash demo ad, you can click and it will guide you to a url…but in the html5+js version you can’t (which kindof loses the point of a web ad…innit?) :P

I’m somewhat impressed… but this is pretty broken… what happened to javascript + html5 being hella faster than flash? :rolleyes:

Ah well… hopefully it’s just VERY unoptimized code

If they ever get this running 100%, I’ll jump on the HTML5 bandwagon right away btw. The best part of Flash is the artist friendly IDE imho.

that’s hardly fair… maybe you could compare it to a javascript emulator written in actionscript ;)

Gah… it only does ‘a sizeable portion of’ Flash Player 8.

Still, pretty cool. Web-marketing firms are probably jumping on this already. You can cover every device with one ad!

This is very cool! Though Flash has been pushing the envelope for what is possible on the web for many years, without flash the web would have been a much more boring place.
Still html is not innovating or pushing, only playing catch up :(