Flash Widgets on this forum

Is it possible to embed flash widgets (such as the one from eSnips) in forum posts? I tried a few different methods and couldn’t seem to get it to work. Thought it might help for playing files in the song forum.

If so, can anyone explain to me how to do it?


You can add a last.fm widget in the song forum (and in your signature as well), here is the code:


You can try another flash-widget as well but there is no guarantee it works. All parameters should be allowed to be POSTed as URL to the player as the only other separate parameters allowed are width and height.

Thanks for the reply. The eSnips one won’t work. I’ll try last.fm

Appreciate the assistance.


hi, I try to put Soundcloud widget in my signature like some another user, but no result.
Somebody can show me , a code exemple?


I believe the signature uses the Media tags.



great , it work’s , it’s easy when you know.

Thx a lot.