Flicflac Problem

If I save wav file using “Disk Browser”, and then try to convert that wav to mp3 using FlicFlac, it gives error “Failed to convert”.

If I use “Render to disk” feature, then FlicFlac works fine. It is just little more work to add sound in the pattern.

What is the difference between these two outputs? And why FlicFlac is not accepting “Disk Browser” output?

Perhaps a stupid question, but since you don’t describe the step:Did you selected the “sample” radio button?
What happens if you rightclick the sample and then select “Save sample as”?


Same problem . . .

After some testing I found that samples that Flicflac did not accept are 32 bit. I can convert 16 bit and 24 bit wavs to mp3.
And of course “render song to disk” works because it is set to 16 bit by default.

Can you convert 32 bit wavs to mp3 using Flicflac?
Because I don’t fully understand these bitdepths/qualities of soundfiles, should it be possible to convert 32 bit wavs also?
So is this more like Flicflac issue than Renoise issue? Or is it just my computer?

I’m using Lamedrop to convert to MP3. So far didn’t had issues with 32-bit wavs with it.
I know the old FLAC routines never supported 32-bit (when i notice you mentioning 16 and 24 bit), i have no idea what FlicFlac is based on but i suspect it is based on the old FLAC encoders and these won’t do it with 32-bit wavs.

Lamedrop working fine, Thanks for advice!

Now I go to learn more about bits and depths of sound files —>