Flip Lfo Waves?

Hi there, is there a possibility of flipping LFO waves? (phase)
The waves I need (square and saw) need to be 1 at the beginning, now I’ve drawn them in the custom thing but apparently I can’t switch presets in the pattern editor?

Do I really need two LFO devices for this? :(

your post made me smile because with the title i knew exactly what you meant. i use a hydra to change the min/max around.

Reset at mid-point (x80)??

damn i think that is an even easier way to do it than my hydra-trick.

Works for Square but not for Ramp, which would need to be played backwards to go from Max to Min (or use your Hydra trick.)

(If it was Triangle, rather than Up-Ramp, then resetting at mid would of worked…)

Hehe, thanks guys. I just noticed I failed to respond back in June. The reset at xx80 is perfect. It won’t work for ramp but that one’s the easiest to draw as custom wave :lol: