Flip Width

I just noticed (again) that the track “Width” control is “asymmetric”. Only the right phase is delayed (correct? just judgeging from my ears). I know, I could add a device to swap stereo channels. Swapped channels wouldn’t be so good to understand somehow. Maybe I should not use Width at all and try achieving a stereo phase offset with the delay device or so?

Now I’ve got this all-hangig-left-sound because I used Width a lot.
Wouldn’t a “flip width” switch or width slider as [-100% … +100%] be nice?

I know I have to fix my tracks myself, I just try to reason a possible improvement. :slight_smile:

PS: mpReverb has a promising Width [-100% +100%] slider. It could maybe used without reverb processing?..

Good idea to have a swap L/R on Stereo Expander as an option. Stereo operations are good there, already does different monoing.