flipbit03 - Mechanical Grasshopper Overlords EP

So, a new release by Remixta netlabel! Woooo! :yeah:

Mechanical Grasshopper Overlords is the debut EP of flipbit03, fusing psytrance inspired sounds with dreamy soundscapes and edgy percussion. The EP delivers four tracks filled with gooey trance-inducing melodies, lush-y pads and tribal-influenced beats. The album depicts a sonic journey in a dystopic setting, where humans find themselves at the verge of extinction by overly modified hybrid machine-animal beasts, created by nature-ignoring unscrupulous scientists in their perennial quest for profit. The EP was conceived, composed, mixed and mastered during the course of four months, from August to November 2013, and was written entirely using tracker software (Renoise).

released 15 January 2014
All tracks written and performed by Carlos Eduardo.
Mastering by Robert Randolph (audiolabs (at) gmail (dot) com)
Album artwork by Sanel Mittal http://sanelmittal.blogspot.com

Get it now from http://STORE.REMIXTA.NET!

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Awesome music, awesome artwork ( I made it :) )