Fluidsynth DSSI: forgets patch/preset/program/instrument/whatev

Dunno if this belongs in this section of the messageboard/forum/discussion/bulletin/whatever, but anyway…

…so i’m happily writing a tune, and it happens to use soundfonts (via the fluidsynth DSSI plugin) … i save it, and the next time i load it, each instance of fluidsynth is using the FIRST patch/preset/program/instrument/whatever number in the soundfont loaded. If i double click on it, the correct patch/preset/program/instrument/whatever is selected, but it still uses the first patch/preset/program/instrument/whatever that’s present in the soundfont.

Just wondering, should i bother the renoise devs with this, or should i search to see if there’s a fluidsynth website, then check if this website has a messageboard/forum/discussion/bulletin/whatever, and if so register on this messageboard/forum/discussion/bulletin/whatever, then start a new thread about bugs in the fluidsynth DSSI plugin?

(sorry, just watched wanderlust the other day :D )