Fluidsynth-dssi load soundfont, resp. gui not showing


me is sorry for this beginners question, but how can i load / choose a soundfont for the fluidsynth-dssi plugin?

os: debian 11
renoise: 3.3.2
fluidsynth-dssi: latest compiled from source with gui / gtk support (note that the distro supplied is not working either, therefore the effort to compile).

In the past, after choosing the plugin, the gui opened automatically. Now nothing happens. There is a button “external editor” or so, but it is without function, i.e., nothing happens when clicked except on / off widget change.

I suspect that this started after recent upgrade from debian 10 to 11, but as i already upgraded all my machines, it is difficult for me to prove.

The plugin seems to work otherwise, as already saved songs are playing, resp. i can use one as a template, but it is really a workaround.

As far as i can see, when starting renoise in a terminal, there is nothing unusual.

Did not extensively used renoise for a while, so apologize, if me is missing something obvious.