Fluidsynth Dssi

Hi everyone

Does anyone please know of a way of changing ADSR in the Fluidsynth DSSI plugin or a control gui for it that works in Linux Renoise?

I’ve loaded a few piano soundfonts into Fluidsynth which is great but they cut off suddenly when you release the key which makes it sound like an organ! I can’t see how to change this. I’ve tried Midi CCs (73) but had no luck…

Thanks for your advice.

I have had more luck with soundfonts in Renoise when using Calf Fluidsynth (git-version) instead of Fluidsynth-DSSI.
https://launchpad.net/~falk-t-j/+archive/lucid-latest/ (repo for Ubuntu 10.04)

But if the problem is related to the soundfont itself, and not the plugin, this will not help because Calf Fluidsynth does not have ADSR options at the moment.

Thanks t-sys for inputting here. I will try that.