FLUTTrMANN (Wow&Flutter//Doofer)

(LofiMat) #1

short description:

  • WOWzzr = Wow // AMTrzz = Depth
  • FLUTTr = Flutter // AMTrtt = Depth
  • Hidden Menue = HP // LP - Filters

hope someone is having fun with with simple but effectiv tool. :hugs:

FLUTTrMANN.xrdp (5.2 KB)

FLUTTrMANN (means Wow&Flutter in german)

(LofiMat) #2

I know my Doofers (The stupid one in German) are maybe lil too fancy for you guys. But for real putting the Fluttermann + Magggi on my TRAP - Melodys is instant galore of Soundporn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes::sleeping: