FM synthesis only forum!

Hello FM friends…

Here will be new FM Synthmusic/Chipmusic only FORUM:
Any suggestions, ideas are welcome…

FM Synths
FM Keyboards
SEGA MD (YM2612)
NES (Konami VRC7)
X68000 (YM2151)
FM VSTi, AU, JACK plugins…
etc etc

in “Modern DAWs” there is Renoise discussion too.


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For future we have plans to have little internet music record label and
PDF magazine with musicdisk (OGG or MP3+original modules) (4 issues per year) full with FM music scene related stuff, interviews, tutorials, charts, hardware and software reviews, album impressions etc etc.
And we hope that we will have FM party in future too.

Have a nice day ,


How about the SID6581 or 8580? Or maybe it’s not considered a FM? :unsure:

I’m confused, maybe because I don’t know what FM stands for. And what are those answers for?

This is a great idea and I love you

You can do basic ringmodulation and pulse modulation and apply some filters with the SID in its origin, but you can’t stack and route several different signal chains (oscillators and effects) in parallel like FM synthesis can do.
With a Hardsid (multiple sids) and SidStation, you might be able to pull it off.

Very cool, I like the idea!

Question: Is there a possibility of running compos on the forums? :)

this is a cool idea; my soul was made using FM synthesis

FM stands for Frequency Modulation. It is a technique which uses signals as frequency modulators for other signals. Depending on the depth and frequency of the modulation the spectrum of modulated signal changes resulting in different sounds. It is very cheap CPU-wise and results in very interesting sounds but it is not as intuitive as additive or substractive synthesis. I hope that simplifies things a bit.

@Robbie S> SID is PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) not FM soundchip.
@Organic IO> Yes there will be official competition with small prices for winners. Plus you can make your own compo if you want… Admin will add “Music Competitions” subcategory during this evening…
@carmazine> Exactly!
@midi error & all FM fans> Please register here:
antispam: (2#6##1###2,O###P##L#3,V#R###C#7)

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Hmmm… I went to to make a post that SDCompo round 76 has an FM Synthesis theme, but it looks like the site is down already :(

for those interested in FM - Here is a preview of my new sample pack