FM Synths Sample Pack [Crystal Method Endorsed!]

880mb of HARD and RAW FM synths sounds from three 1980s beasts. Now at a reduced price of £19.99!


152 x Synth
124 x FX
51 x Bass


87 Drum Loops @ 90, 120, 140 175BPM
73 Modulated Synth Loops @ 90, 120, 140 175BPM
40 x Synth Loops @140bpm

Drum Hits:

14 x Cymbals
23 x Glitches
32 x Kicks
28 x Perc
23 x Snares
16 x Toms


13 x Multisampled Synth Sounds (217 individual samples)

Samples provided as 48000Hz, 24-Bit Wave files.

“You can tell a lot of detailed work went into this collection. Great original sounds. Superb work capturing that raw analog feel. We look forward to hearing more great sample packs from midierror” -
The Crystal Method

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Come on, motherfuckers know a good raw analog sound of 80s FM synths when they hear it!

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