FM8 doesn't get every note

Don’t know if this is a known bug, for me it’s not too big of an issue in production right now but I’d be bummed to find out about this when performing live.
I often play notes in live, it’s awesome, especially as long as you don’t want staccato notes shorter than a line everything’s fine. So of course notes that are “on the one” start at the last line of previous pattern some time. All right. That by itself can be annoying but it’s at least equally annoying in any other DAW… The bug now is really that when I use VST instruments, they appear to not receive these last notes when a pattern is scheduled to play as next pattern. Doesn’t matter if it’s the sequences actual next pattern or not. This makes it behave very differently from sample-based instruments.

I’m not sure if you play those notes parallel or not. In a minor case it could be that during the pattern transition the previous playing note may not be send a note-off sign while it should be send.
Most synth plugins don’t support polyphonic play or limited polyphonic play. I’m not sure wether you can change this limit within the plugin, i haven’t looked at FM8 in ages…

Nope I think that was definitely not it, the thing is, normally the note would be played, but when a pattern is scheduled next, those last notes (3 note chord) were just skipped in all. Should I post the file?

Proteus VX will drop notes to save CPU, is this behavior similar?

Well, you made me curious now…
I hope i can reproduce it, so just a small sequence is enough.

I’ve made it into a minimal demonstration… The thing is, the notes get sent though, but cut off immediately at the start of the scheduled pattern. Is that more explainable perhaps?
4065 1607-vstbugtest-1007-b-16-minim.xrns

I would think that you can replace FM8 with any VST, but it might of course be some midiclock/transport position data being sent that ticks a reset switch in this particular plugin. I know, sampling the chords is much easier but then I forget easily which chords I made the song with…

I’ve noticed this too. It’s particularly apparent on arpeggiator presets like ‘Color of Dirt’ or ‘Fastest Train’ where looping say a 4-bar section of a sustained note in Ableton, Logic, Reaper etc cuts keeps the arpeggiated pattern looping seemlessly but in renoise it seems to interpret the loop point as a note-off. Weird.

Yeah… samples don’t get cut off when scheduling but apparently VSTs do?

Which one do you recommend, my FM8 fails miserably on my Win64 bit edition. (I haven’t touched it since i had it installed on Windows XP)
Edit:picked another plugin (SuperwaveP8) and i can reproduce:Play the last sequence and shift-click the first sequence, notes get cut right on the end of the pattern compared to when you just let the song restart in the original way.